Atisha Centre holds regular pujas including Medicine Buddha, Tara and Guru pujas, according to the Tibetan Calendar.
Puja (offering) is a ritualised meditation focusing on one or more of the bodhisattvas or buddhas. It is a ceremony in which prayers are offered to the buddhas to request their blessings or invoke their help.

There are different pujas for different purposes in our lives. There are pujas for meditation practice, purification, removing obstacles, long life, death, illness, business, and so on. Pujas are performed to avert and clear the three types of obstacles, conditions which prevent us from achieving our worldly and spiritual goals.
Pujas can be performed for various purposes:
For the dying ~ to help pacify their mind and decrease fear during the time of death.
For the deceased ~ to bless and guide their minds to liberation or to a higher state of rebirth.
For sickness ~ to remove obstacles to mental and physical health.
For success in one’s activities ~ for removing obstacles to that success, worldly or Dharmic.

The type of puja depends on the type of problem and the individual’s karma. Buddha taught us pujas for everything that we need in this life and also future lives. Buddha himself experienced and practised many different rituals or pujas in his life.
How much does it cost to have a puja performed?
As much as you wish to donate. It depends on your financial ability and how much you want to make as an offering towards a puja. Some pujas are complicated and require a lot of materials and a great deal of time to perform.

By meditating and making prayers and offerings with sincere motivation, the circumstances that bring problems can be changed. It is especially powerful and effective when prayers are performed by ordained people are as they are performed on the base of pure morality. It is always appropriate to bring some kind of offering, either for the puja, the sangha or for the Centre itself.

Suitable offerings include food, flowers or any financial contributions.
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