Kadampa Stupa Project

We are currently in the process of constructing a Kadampa Stupa in the Centre grounds…

Circumambulating holy objects such as stupas creates enormous merit for good karmic results in the future and positively transforms the mind.

Building stupas and helping to create causes for others to be able to build stupas, by donating money, is equally merit creating. It is also one of the methods of purifying aeons of negative karma.

> Please see this short carousel of progress pics of the Kadampa Stupa Project <

~ 21 May 2022 ~
Geshe Rabten gives a talk on the benefits of
venerating and making offerings to stupas
Please consider contributing to
the Kadampa Stupa project.

Progress Gallery

The Kadampa Stupa project is well under way. Geshe Rabten unveiled the fund-raising launch and the new sign.
Many people turned up for the mantra rolling day, to continue to prepare mantras for the filling of the stupa

Beginnings of the Project

With the start of the Kadampa Stupa project, Geshe Rabten performed the ground blessing ceremony making offerings to the “Landlord” and local protectors and dispelling hinderances by inviting harmful spirits to leave the area.

Earth works were completed and the first slab was poured. The structure for the base “bell” was created by Ricciardo from Chenrezig Institute. Now, millions of mantras are being rolled and holy and precious objects are being collected and collated for filling.
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