Volunteering at the Centre

Participating at Atisha Centre

As with many other non-profit organisations, we are always looking for people to help run the Centre and get involved with our various projects and activities.

Please consider becoming part of the Atisha Centre community, bringing benefit to countless beings by helping to keep the Centre running and flourishing!
The kinds of things we need help with:
Helping to facilitate the various Programme events we have on our calendar 
       ● setting up our gompa and other venues for events
       ● running the sound, video and recording system
       ● meeting and greeting visitors and guests
       ● serving refreshments when needed
       ● tidying up the venue at the end of an event.
Caring for the Centre - inside and outside - including ...
       ● gardening
       ● sweeping/raking paths and grounds
       ● cleaning, tidying the Courtyard
       ● cleaning and maintenance of our holy objects
       ● painting
       ● helping with repair work.
Assisting with the various Centre functions ...
       ● dining area: 
               ■ cooking, kitchen hand, cleaning
       ● café - "Wishfulfilling Jewel Cafe":
               ■ serving, baristing, waiting, dishes
       ● giftshop - "Lama's Dharma Shop":
               ■ serving, shop display, cleaning
       ● accommodation - assist Accommodation Manager:
               ■ meeting and greeting, room preparation, cleaning, laundry.
Publicity and Centre promotion ...
       ● social media
       ● letterbox drops
       ● marketing.
Direct involvement in one of our projects ...
       ● Kadampa stupa
       ● Lama Yeshe statue ~ landscaping, project management
       ● café management.
If you feel that you are interested in participating in any of these areas, we would love to hear from you.

◉ Spiritual Programme Coordinator (SPC) Position Vacant 

We are currently looking for a kind-hearted person who is an excellent communicator and can work harmoniously with others to join us as Spiritual Programme Coordinator. If you are interested in this opportunity, we invite you to read more about this position and how to apply.
Fill in this participation enquiry form and we will be in touch soon

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