Visitors' Information

Accommodation Facilities

There is a vegetarian kitchenette behind the laundry/external bathroom building, with fridge space and cooking facilities available for visitors. We have washing machines and a dryer in our laundry.

In the corridor of our accommodation block, there is a kettle and refreshments. If you a guest at the Centre please feel welcome to use.

Gompa (meditation hall): You are welcome to use the main gompa for your own meditation when it is not in use by the Programme. There is also a second, small gompa and our library down from the left of the main gompa.

Car Parking: Please park your car anywhere in the Atisha Centre  car park.

What to Bring

The weather conditions can vary from extreme heat to cold during the year.

We suggest you might like to bring the following useful items:

Shawl or light blanket for meditation;
Comfortable, loose clothing;
Personal toiletries and towel;
Alarm clock;
Insect repellent;
Refillable water bottle for drinking;
Suitable footwear for walking around the Centre grounds which have stony paths and areas of bare earth;
It is also handy to have comfortable footwear to slip on and off when entering the gompa (meditation hall).

Conservation of Water and Electricity

All our water is tank water. Please use carefully. Please be mindful and turn off lights, heaters and fans, whenever they are not in use.

Fire Danger

We are very concerned about safety. Atisha Centre is located in a fire risk area so it is necessary to avoid all danger of bushfires. It is forbidden to use camping gas, or to light fires, candles, incense or mosquito coils in any of the accommodation facilities or designated camping areas.
Please, no fire / flames anywhere on Atisha Centre land. See Atisha Centre site-map.

Smoking: This is a smoke-free environment. We do not allow smoking anywhere on-site.

Preventive Health: We share our beautiful bushland environment with a variety of native animals, birds and insects – some of whom may present a danger to us when encountered unexpectedly. To prevent problems with insects, spiders and snakes please ensure that tents and bags, etc. are securely closed, and shake out shoes and clothing before putting them on. Please keep the screen doors to the accommodation block shut.

Grounds: You are welcome to walk anywhere within the bounds of the Atisha Centre/Monastery/Nunnery/Great Stupa land.

Please address any enquiries or concerns to the Office staff.

There is a number of residents living onsite. In case of any problems, emergencies or other concerns, you can always call on these people. Contact information is available at check-in.
~ We hope you enjoy your stay at Atisha Centre ~
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