Shamatha Retreat

A Retreat on Calm Abiding

with Venerable Tenzin Tsapel

~ Thursday 19 to Monday 23 October ~

This calm abiding retreat will explore the development of single-pointed concentration utilising three main objects:

● The breath as it relates to the tactile field, the body;
● Resting the mind in its natural state, observing mental events, including feelings and other events;
● Awareness of awareness.
The great benefit of Buddhism lies in the unmistaken training Buddha presented, allowing us to discover our true nature.
We need to develop our wisdom by first hearing the teachings, investigating their meaning and meditating on them.
By training in a systematic path of meditation, the Dharma dawns as personal experience.

Cost = $300.00  (10% discount for Members)

Includes all meals, course materials and offerings to the teacher.

It is not compulsory to stay on-site,
during the event, but it is highly recommended.

~ Thursday 19 to Monday 23 October ~

Please note: there is no option to do only part of the retreat.
To attend, you must commit to doing all retreat sessions

...The retreat begins with supper at 6:00pm followed by an introductory talk at 7:00pm.

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