Mindfulness Retreat

Close Mindfulness Retreat

A Preliminary to Shamatha

with Venerable Tenzin Tsapel

~ Thursday 8 to Monday 12 June ~

...The retreat begins with supper at 6:00pm followed by an introductory talk at 7:00pm.

A calm abiding retreat exploring the development
of single-pointed concentration:
Developing Shamatha or calm abiding, requires a firm basis of ethical conduct, which itself requires good mindfulness. These two qualities assist daily life and can prepare us for longer retreat. The mindfulness meditation for this retreat will focus on our body, feelings, mind and phenomena. These four objects, taught by the Buddha, are skilful objects of focus. Efforts in mindfulness and continuity on them engenders experience, understanding, wisdom of our reality. So any knowledge we may have on how to transform our present reality can seem more straightforward, more easy.

Cost = $300.00  (10% discount for Members)

Includes all meals, course materials and offerings to the teacher.
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