Introduction to Buddhism

A special one day introductory course

with Venerable Tenzin Tsapel
This course gives an introduction to Buddhism, its philosophy and
important principles which make up a Buddhist’s daily life.
Come and join Tsapel in this one day “Intro to Buddhism”, where
we will work through important Buddhist topics including:
●  A brief history,
●  The nature of the mind,
●  Karma,
●  Bodhicitta,
●  Emptiness.
We will find out how we can understand them more clearly and use them in a useful manner in our everyday life.

Venerable Tsapel presents these courses with clarity and kindness and with an insight gained from many years of study and practice. There will be time for questions, and hopefully by the end of the day everyone will have a better understanding of the teachings of the Buddha.

The course is suitable for beginners just curious about Buddhism and a great refresher course for those with more experience in Buddhism.
Cost = $35.00  (10% discount for Members)
Bring your own lunch...
or enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch available at the Centre’s “Wishfulfilling Jewel Cafe”.

~ Saturday 31 July from 9:00am to 4:00pm ~

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