Chenrezig Retreat

You are once again invited to attend our annual retreat on

1000-Arm Chenrezig

the Buddha of Compassion

led by Venerable Thubten Gyatso

~ Tuesday 27 December to Sunday 1 January ~

The retreat will begin with supper at 6:00pm on the Tuesday, followed by an introductory session at 7:00pm. 
The retreat will finish after a final session and then breakfast on the Sunday.
A fantastic way to end the old year and begin the new!
A gentle and peaceful practice suitable both for beginners and more experienced practitioners. A wonderful opportunity to awaken our own buddha nature, an extensive wisdom and deep compassion, which enables us sincerely to benefit others, without attachment. 
No particular requisites for attending other than a wish to generate a positive attitude to benefit others. It would be useful to have attended some introductory course and to have some understanding of the Three Principal Aspects of the Path.

Sorry - This retreat is now fully booked!

* Cancellation Policy
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