As a charitable organisation, Atisha Centre relies totally on membership fees, accommodation rental, course fees and donations to cover all its costs. While we have had many generous supporters over the years, we are not capable of funding the Centre without the support of all who benefit from Atisha Centre.

Membership provides a significant part of the income required to support our teaching programme and administration costs. It helps us to maintain the physical buildings, which are in constant need of care and attention all year long. Being a member of Atisha Centre also contributes to the care of Geshe Rabten and Venerable Dorje, his translator. It goes towards providing for a Spiritual Programme Coordinator and an Office Manager who undertake the great amount of work required to organise and maintain our teaching programme, pujas and events and all the administration and logistics required to keep the Centre running smoothly on a daily basis.

“The purpose of the Centre existing continually is to help sentient beings and what sentient beings need most is to be free from the oceans of suffering…. The only method to be free of suffering is the Dharma, the Buddha’s teachings. The Centres are for that. That is why the Centre is teaching Dharma, providing qualified teachers, translators, a place to practise, to hear the teachings and so many other things.

By helping the Centre, you are helping all sentient beings, because then people come to learn Dharma at the Centre, and to practise bodhichitta, as they do the practice for all sentient beings, to benefit all sentient beings. That is how the Centre benefits numberless beings.”

Lama Zopa Rinpoche ~ 6th May 2019