Two Back-to-Back Nyung Nä Retreats

Double Fasting retreat of
1000-Arm Chenrezig
with Dr Alan Molloy
~ from 11 to 14 June ~
~ from 14 to 16 June ~
A fasting retreat of Chenrezig practice from the Kriya (Action) class of tantra. A powerful, quick and effective method to purify an enormous amount of negativity and to collect a vast amount of merit.
A Nyung Nä consists of eight sessions spread over two days plus a morning, and requires taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts. In each session we practise the sadhana of 1000-Arm Chenrezig, the Buddha’s aspect of compassion, with meditation, fasting, prostrations and strict silence, outside of sessions.

This Sakadawa, we will be holding two Nyung Nas back to back.
You may attend both retreats or just the first.

The whole retreat will start on the Saturday evening at 6:00pm with an introduction by retreat leader Dr Alan Molloy. The first of the first 8 retreat sessions will begin at dawn on the Sunday (5:30am) with the taking of the Eight Mahayana Precepts. The final session (of the first Nyung Na) will be on the Tuesday morning before dawn, followed by breakfast. This final session of the first Nyung Na will also be the first session of the second Nyung Na. The final session (of the second Nyung Na) will be on the Thursday morning before dawn, followed by breakfast.
Alan is a very experienced Nyung Na retreatant having completed about 90 Nyung Na's himself.
There are no particular pre-requisites. Just come along. Nyung Na's are good for health. You lose weight and will feel light and energetic at the end. Most importantly, you purify eons of negative karma.

Lots of positives!

Cost of the double Nyung Na= $180.00 (10% discount for Members)
Cost of a single Nyung Na= $100.00 (10% discount for Members)
This retreat fee covers catering, offerings and facility fees

~ Saturday 11 to Tuesday 14 June ~  and
~ Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 June ~

~ From Saturday supper at 6:00pm to breakfast (breaking of fast) on Tuesday and Thursday ~
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* Cancellation policy.
For more info, please phone the Programme Coordinator on 0479 036 802
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