Donation - Kadampa Stupa

The construction of the Kadampa Stupa in Atisha Centre's grounds is well under way.
The completion of the whole project, including the building itself, the decoration, landscaping of the environment, paving, etc, is  progressing steadily.

Kadampa Stupa Project

We still need to raise a sizeable amount of funds (around $25,000) to complete the project.
Circumambulating holy objects such as stupas creates enormous merit for good karmic results in the future and positively transforms the mind.

Building stupas and helping to create causes for others to be able to build stupas, by donating money, is equally merit creating. It is also one of the methods of purifying aeons of negative karma.
Thank you for your generosity!
You can set up a payment by direct deposit from your bank.
Account Name: Atisha Centre ~ Dharma Project A/c
BSB: 633000
Account: 129206090
Kindly use your surname and KADAMPA STUPA in the description.
Logo: FPMT