The Science in Spirituality

A weekend course...

How Buddhism and Science Are Interrelated

A course about science, the philosophy underlying it, and how science is central to the spiritual path.

with Jampa Ingyen

~ Saturday and Sunday - 25 to 26 November, 2023 ~
9:00am to 4:00pm each day

● We shall examine the original meaning of the term "science" and how science is influenced by philosophy. 
● We shall focus on how science and philosophy determine our approach to the fundamental questions of life and existence. 
● Central to this is how the Buddha established the science of mind, the principles of mental causation, and the possibility of transcendence. 
● We shall examine how science was redefined as "modern science" in eighteenth-century Europe. We shall look at the rise of philosophical materialism, the development of the natural sciences, the industrial revolution, modern technology, and the climate crisis.
● We shall look at the two types of empiricism: the first-person empiricism of the science of mind and the third-person empiricism of the science of matter. We shall look at how each are supported by a specific philosophy and how each generates a particular psychology.
● Finally we shall examine how the spiritual path is supported by these two types of empiricism.
The course will include meditation sessions, and discussion on the topics raised.
Jampa (Ian Coghlan) is a very experienced Buddhist practitioner and teacher. A monk for several years and an advanced student at Sera Monastery in India, he has led courses and given lectures on Buddhist philosophy including this specific topic.

Cost = $150.00  (10% discount for Members)

Includes all meals, course materials and offerings to the teacher.

~ Saturday and Sunday - 25 to 26 November, 2023 ~

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