Refuge Ceremony

Guru Tree

Refuge Ceremony and Lay Vows

with Venerable Geshe Rabten

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~ Sunday, 25 February at 2:30pm ~

If you feel you would formally like to take Refuge and also, any, or all of the 5 lay Buddhist vows, then please register your interest below.
The taking of refuge in this context means the heartfelt acceptance of the Buddha's teachings and philosophy and the determination to follow them, to the exclusion of other doctrines and beliefs. In this way, it defines you as being Buddhist.
The formal Refuge Ceremony is merely a way to cement that determination and to make a connection with an eminent teacher - in this case Venerable Geshe Rabten.
There is no charge for the ceremony and lunch will be available following Sunday Meditation at 12:00pm.
If you would like to come for lunch there will be a charge of $20.00.
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