Three Day Retreat

Teachings from resident lama,
Venerable Geshe Rabten
~ translated by Venerable Dorje

Meditations from Venerable Tsapel

Clearing the Mind

DAY 1 of 3

Please feel free to participate in this do-it-yourself, online retreat.
There is no need to register and there is no charge.

There are a total of 6 teachings and 3 meditations  ~  See suggested schedule

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There is no set fee for teachings; we are offering classes on a donation basis. We suggest a donation of $10 per class, but please donate whatever amount you are comfortable with. Please do not let financial constraints be a reason for not attending a Dharma teaching.

Day One ~ 8 May 2020 [am] ~ Session 1
Available here

Day One8 May 2020 [pm] ~ Session 2
Available here

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Meditation No. 1
from Venerable Tsapel
Available here

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