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Sunday Morning Meditations

at the Centre

Buddhist meditation offers different techniques for calming the mind. Every day we experience a huge roller-coaster of emotions: feelings of happiness and contentment, sadness and frustration. {Read more…}

Through meditation we can develop a more peaceful and controlled mind, enabling a more meaningful life.


Each Sunday morning, starting at 10:00am, a senior student leads a one hour session of guided meditation. These meditations are perfect for beginners, including those with no experience with meditation whatsoever. This is an excellent opportunity just to sit with your mind in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

◊   Everyone can learn the basics of meditation and benefit from it. People of all faiths or no faith, and people from any religion are most welcome to attend;

◊   There is no set charge for the classes, but any donation goes towards covering the costs of running the Centre;

◊   Dress code? Please dress comfortably (and not too revealingly);

◊   You may sit on a cushion or on a chair or whatever is most comfortable for you.

As with many of our events and activities at Atisha Centre we rely of the generosity of visitors and members to help cover facility fees, through donations.

Thank you!

Everybody is welcome!

After meditation, join us for tea and refreshments; meet people and checkout the gift shop

For more information, please call Atisha Centre Office: 03 5446 3336 or email