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A special one day introduction to Buddhism course
with Venerable Jampa

This course gives an introduction to Buddhism, its philosophy and
important principles which make up a Buddhist’s daily life.

Come and join Jampa in this one day “Intro to Buddhism”, where we will work through important Buddhist topics including:

        • A brief history,
        • The nature of the mind,
        • The Four Noble Truths,
        • The Noble Eightfold Path,
        • Karma,
        • Bodhicitta,
        • Emptiness.

We will find out how we can understand them more clearly and use them in a useful manner in our everyday life.
Jampa will present this course in a light-hearted manner, there will be time for questions, and hopefully at the end of the day everyone will have a better understanding of the teachings of the Buddha.

The course is suitable for beginners just curious about Buddhism and a great refresher course for those with more experience in Buddhism.

Cost = $60.00 (10% discount for Members)

Course fee includes lunch in the dining room/courtyard