Atisha Centre – General Donation

This fund is extremely important for the daily running of the Centre. By donating to this item, you provide us with the flexibility to direct funds where they are most needed. You also share in all positivity created by the purpose of the Centre.

School Building Fund

This fund can be used for the acquisition, building and maintenance of most of our buildings.

Donations to this fund are tax deductible.
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Dharma Sponsorship Programme

A fund committed to the continuation of the teachings of Geshe Rabten, our resident lama, by financing the daily living support and administrative costs of teacher and translator.
Tibetan texts

Kadampa Stupa Project

We still need to raise a sizeable amount of money (around $25,000) to complete this project.

This is a unique opportunity to connect and help enable the construction of this very holy object.

Restoration of the Golden Buddha

An opportunity to contribute to the restoration, protection and beautification of the golden Buddha statue in Atisha Centre's gardens.


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