Accommodation is available at the Centre throughout the year, for retreats, courses and personal getaways for rest and restoration.


Accommodation Conditions

•   Our accommodation is offered as single rooms; *
•   There is the option of sharing rooms at a reduced rate;
•   There is the option to book breakfast;
•   All bedding and linen is provided;

   Help yourself to tea/coffee/herbals at the Accommodation Block and in the dining room.

*  Please note: Some of the rooms may revert to being double rooms during busy courses.

Camping is also available with access to bathrooms/toilets and all other amenities.

With the exception of breakfast, we are not able to provide meals for guests other than during courses and organised retreats. However there is a kitchen and dining facility available for you to use with crockery/cutlery provided. Please note our kitchen is vegetarian.

There are several good takeaways, cafes and local hotels within easy reach.  /  Tea and coffee is also always available in the dining room.


Per person per night:

•  Single occupancy with ensuite bathroom: $80.00
•  Shared room with ensuite bathroom: $50.00
•  Single occupancy with shared bathroom: $60.00
•  Shared room with shared bathrooms: $40.00
•  Camping – tent/caravan/campervan – Unpowered: $20.00
•  Camping – tent/caravan/campervan – Powered: $25.00
•  Breakfast: $7.00
(Sorry all nest boxes
currently occupied!)

Bookings Request

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